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Fonera SIMPL Linksys Nine months ago I wrote about my experience with FON over the past four years. I was not very positive, but thanks to our fellow sysop Steven Leeman, it got the attention of FON. To my surprise they offered me a free sample of their latest wireless router, the Fonera SIMPL. Not for writing such positive articles about FON, but for being such a loyal and persistent contributor. My FON spot has been on-line for almost five years now and they appriciate that.

So having the Fonera SIMPL for free, it is only fair that I write down what I think of it.

The Fonera SIMPL arrived about a month ago and so I took down the Linksys that had been quitly humming in the attic for almost five years and replaced it with the Fonera SIMPL. The Linksys has been reflashed with a version of OpenWrt that supports IPv6 and it is now hanging in the meter closet, functioning as my main router. Both have been humming away quietly for almost a month now without any need for a reset.

So let me give you a list of my findings of what I liked and what I did not like about the Fonera SIMPL:

Fonspot What I liked:

What I did not like: (With suggestions for improvement)


The Fonera SIMPL serves its purpose well for those who expect no more than the name suggests. For use as just a FON hot spot, it is almost all that one could want. It is stable, it is undemanding on energy, it is not saddled with unneeded whistles and bells.

I have to admit, I like it more than I expected. It has a its shortcomings, but for what I use it for: just a FON access point, it is better suited than all the other Foneras that I had the pleasure to test.

April 2011, Michiel van der Vlist

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